Baron Fulk

Director, Global Manufacturing
and Supply Chain

Baron Fulk is a Global Manufacturing and Operations Director responsible for the regional growth and annual production within the Pharmaceutical Industry. With nearly 20 years of experience in this field, Baron has successfully overseen global expansion, access to new emerging markets and historic company growth while forging key long-term partnerships and cultivating existing relationships to sustain world health. Most recently, Baron has taken responsibility for building the production Supply Chain for the world’s first self-amplifying mRNA vaccine (sa-mRNA) to prevent serious illness and death due to COVID and influenza-based viruses.

Born and raised in North Carolina to a small-town Methodist Pastor and public school Teacher, a solid foundation of morals and desire to help others has guided his life. Whether it be incredible life moments like marring his beautiful wife and having three amazing daughters, or small day to day life experiences, my faith and desire to help others have guided my path. Through the twists and turns of life, Baron has built success personally and professionally through hard work, resilience, trust and always looking for the positives of ever situation. As his oldest daughter recently said in her college applications, she has been taught two important things when looking at life; Carpe Diem and positive energy equals positive results.

“Within the healthcare sector, a technological breakthrough against an adversary as formidable as cancer is embraced. However, today we stand on the precipice of a revolutionary era in cancer detection, where technology becomes a beacon of hope. BMRT’s groundbreaking innovation signifies a quantum leap toward early intervention, empowering us to rewrite the narrative of cancer care.”