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Unlimited Capabilities – Three Priorities

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This groundbreaking technology has its primary technical impact on the security of our nation by providing early detection of explosives, narcotics, and other harmful substances both as they enter the country or as they may be used internally in an effort to harm our citizens and infrastructure. The device and technology can be readily used to screen large areas and numbers of people very quickly to ascertain the extent and location of any explosives or other harmful substances as well as detect any narcotics moving in and through an area. In addition to detecting these substances the technology can be used to track would-be assailants and/or contraband navigating within the area being surveilled.  

BMRT technology offers a transformative solution for safeguarding schools and various public venues including sports stadiums, concert arenas, amusement parks, transportation hubs, corporate campuses, and government buildings. This cutting-edge device plays a pivotal role in assisting law enforcement by near-instantly detecting explosive devices, loaded weapons, and illicit contraband, thereby elevating overall safety and security measures.

Public safety & Law Enforcement

Encompassing maritime, rail, air, and ground transportation security detecting explosive devices and illegal contraband at designated borders, offshore and within our borders.

Logistics Security

Safeguarding essential infrastructure such as power plants, water treatment facilities, and transportation networks from potential threats or disruptions.

Critical Infrastructure Security

BMRT Technology can be deployed to secure critical fixed assets for any Municipal, State, Federal, and international government or large corporation, in addition to ensuring the safety of high-profile executives, government officials, and other VIPs.

Corporate & Executive Protection

“Base Molecular Resonance™ Technologies disruptive innovation stands as a sentinel, fortifying the mission of law enforcement with unprecedented capabilities. With its deployment, we find not only enhanced security but also a force multiplier that propels us into a new era of safety. With this technological ally, we can more readily safeguard the pillars of justice, ensuring a safer tomorrow for the citizens we serve.”

John F. Clark – former Director, United States Marshals Service


The BMRT Device represents a major step forward in the ability to detect up to 200 types of cancers and other diseases. Cancerous cells can be detected at very low levels using a harmless, non-invasive scanning process. Early detection has the potential to nearly eradicate late-stage cancer.

Ten million people die every year around the world from cancer; 600k in the United States. It is anticipated that from 2023 to 2040 the incidence of cancer will increase 63% and mortality 74%. Currently, 40%-50% of all cancers are detected between Stages 2-4. Late-stage diagnosis means increased mortality, decreased access to care, and increases in costs to the patient, medical provider, and the insurance company.

This unique technology represents an amazing breakthrough in physical science. The device utilizes a complex, proprietary, and patented technology to identify each designated cancer or disease. The technology is completely safe and can quickly screen a patient, with instant results, in a normal triage or examination room with no other special equipment.

“What this could mean to the patient population is simply immeasurable, finding potentially lethal diseases that are producing no clinical symptoms, years (and perhaps decades) before they manifest on a physical examination. I can only compare this to the discovery of the X-ray, which says a great deal coming from a radiologist.”

Don Ray Connell – M.D., Board Certified in Diagnostic Radiology


Every existing military installation can benefit from this device as it can provide the means to detect incoming substances of concern before they are actually allowed on base. The initial deployment would be to large military installations that house the defensive forces of the nation. This device can add significantly to the detection capability at every access point to the installation.

An obvious application is in the reduction of threats to deployed military assets in combat zones. This device can be deployed into a hostile environment to help create truly “Green” zones by identifying and locating all existing explosive materials within the desired area and then detecting any new arrivals within that area. In addition, it can be deployed at various checkpoints to detect incoming explosives materials and thus protect troops and facilities.

The ability to detect Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and alert combat troops to approaching hostiles is a game changer for the men and women who serve our nation as they willingly step into harm’s way.

As stewards of justice and guardians of our nation’s security, we stand at the crossroads of technology and duty. The advent of BMRT’s groundbreaking technology marks a pivotal moment in our collective defense. In this unique discovery, we find a shield for our borders, a guardian of our liberties, and a sentinel against emerging threats.”

Regina Schofield – former Assistant Attorney General of the United States

Additional Applications

“The threads of innovation are woven with the fibers of curiosity and persistence. The technology being introduced by Base Molecular Resonance™ Technologies will serve as a catalyst for a revolution in our understanding of science. Upon the introduction of this pioneering technology, its humanitarian value will be widely appreciated.” 

Vincent J. Truant – Founder & former CEO, Matrix Ventures LLC