Bo Short

Co-Founder & CEO

Robert “Bo” Short is the Co-Founder & CEO for Base Molecular Resonance™ Technologies. He is a business investor, author, and globally recognized thought leader on the topics of leadership and business development. As a graduate of The College of William and Mary, he has not only founded and led his own successful enterprises but has also held C-level positions in global companies within the consumer products and technology sectors. Bo’s leadership extends beyond the corporate realm, having served as President of the American Leadership Foundation for 15 years.

Bo has addressed audiences in 35 countries reaching more than 1 million people. Leveraging his executive experience and strategic insights, he guides business leaders through rapidly-changing market landscapes. He was selected by a global social media agency as one of the “Top 10 Most Influential Leadership Speakers in 2023”. His expertise has been sought by esteemed organizations including Harley-Davidson (100th Anniversary), Duke Energy, John Hancock, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Salvation Army, and Century 21, among others, where he has served as a keynote speaker.

The former Chief Operating Officer of Harley-Davidson Motor Company said, “Bo designs and implements tailor-made programs that build winning organizations and allow individuals to achieve personal greatness.”

Former President Pro Tempore of the United States Senate, the late Senator Strom Thurmond said, “I believe that Bo’s leadership will have an important impact on this country in the years to come.”

Bo’s efforts have not been limited to the business community. His leadership includes significant accomplishments in the non-profit sector as well. Among them, he was called upon to launch the Office of Strategic Partner Relations for the American Red Cross, where he created the NASCAR program as well as spearheaded the partnership with the Business Roundtable. Additionally, Bo served on the Public Relations Committee for the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, and held roles on the Government Relations Advisory Board and as a National Youth of the Year judge for The Boys & Girls Clubs of America. At the personal request of former Senator Strom Thurmond, he led the creation of the Strom Thurmond Boys and Girls Club Leadership Institute at Clemson University. Bo was also honored as the recipient of the Courageous Citizen Award from KIDS, inc.

He has been featured in business magazines, quoted in countless books, appeared in Entrepreneur Magazine and highlighted in a Wall Street Journal best-selling business book.

Bo and his remarkable wife, Roni, reside on a ranch in Montana, which they fondly call home.

“It is an honor to serve as Co-Founder & CEO of this extraordinary company. Base Molecular Resonance™ Technologies is leading a paradigm shift in the advancement of science. This patented technology has profoundly changed the way we view potential threats, both physical and biological. This discovery can save countless lives that are currently being lost to cancer, wars, and school shootings. The innovative possibilities for this technology are seemingly endless. I believe that we will have a significant and transformative impact to the benefit of mankind.”