Lee Duke

Co-Founder & President

Lee Duke, Co-Founder and President of Base Molecular Resonance™ Technologies, LLC, leads with a focus on scientific innovation driven by a family legacy of service and ingenuity. His father, a recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross, was instrumental in unearthing the groundbreaking technology fueling BMRT’s advancements. Lee continues that progress through his visionary leadership.

Lee has achieved significant success in the healthcare arena, particularly in pharmaceuticals and medical devices. During his tenure in the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors, he successfully launched over 40 pioneering products. He was widely recognized for his skill in leading business unit turnarounds and startups. Drawing on this expertise, he has excelled as an entrepreneur, earning acclaim as an innovative leader and strategic thinker.

Leveraging his entrepreneurial talent and profound knowledge of the healthcare sector, he founded a global social media platform that emerged as the largest of its kind worldwide. This venture gained widespread global recognition for its transformative impact.

Lee is a highly sought-after speaker, valued for his strategic acumen and forward-thinking mindset. His reputation as a trusted advisor and industry pioneer enables him to help shape the future of scientific innovation.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Lee finds inspiration in the embrace of his beloved family. Among his many pursuits, Lee is an instrument-rated aviator, a passion he learned from his dad.

A graduate of Georgia Southern University and proud recipient of numerous accolades and awards, Lee exemplifies the values of visionary leadership and unwavering determination, guiding BMRT towards a future defined by limitless potential and enduring impact.

“As a Co-Founder of Base Molecular Resonance Technologies, I am exhilarated by the collaborative effort that has led to the realization of our groundbreaking innovation. With validation from esteemed organizations like the Mitre Group and guidance from our distinguished board of advisors, our technology represents a monumental leap forward in the realm of physics. Beyond its scientific significance, our technology’s ability to swiftly detect elements and diseases heralds a new era of possibilities for humanity. From bolstering medical diagnostics to enhancing security measures, the impact of our innovation knows no bounds.”