Vincent J. Truant

Founder & former CEO,
Matrix Ventures LLC

Vince Truant’s career reflects positive growth for 40 years across multiple industries including pharmaceuticals, consumer products, and environmental packaging with leading corporations. He organized and developed teams to optimize performance, introduce new products, build relationships, further technical advances and control costs.

Vince successfully served in both frontline management and executive positions to include President, CEO and Chairman. His broad business expertise led Mr. Truant to launch Matrix Ventures LLC, a management advisory firm focused on data driven decisions and sound judgment to help clients address today’s more complex opportunities for both mature products and category disruptors.

He built key relationships within the public and private sectors to foster awareness of new products with environmental advantages. This included the development of goals for Life Cycle Analyses through work on President Clinton’s Executive Order 13101 to assist government agencies when purchasing environmentally-preferable packaging. Mr. Truant also served on The Business Advisory Council of President Bush (43).

Vince has a strong social commitment and actively served in multiple volunteer positions and retained roles with The Johns Hopkins Hospital such as Johns Hopkins Community Health Partnership, The Community Health Partnership of Baltimore and other initiatives for improved patient education. Mr. Truant also developed the framework for the Ex-Offender Business Orientation Program for Baltimore City.

He has a strong work ethic, a commitment to the fair treatment of all individuals and dedication to delivering value and positive results.

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